Oversized OST Recovery

Try Reliable Solution to Resolve the Oversized OST File Problem

When OST files become oversized, it usually starts showing its effect. Errors are thrown or the performance is degraded. This happens when the data stored in OST file exceeds the decided or standard threshold of memory storage, which can lead to the corruption of file. Once the file is corrupted, data inside the OST becomes completely inaccessible and hence it is important to solve heavy OST file issue as soon as possible. Our OST file repair tool lets you access the data inside this file by performing oversized OST recovery in the file. Software recovers the data of OST & converts it to PST file & it also has an integrated feature to solve this oversize issue.



Option to Split-PST File Available in Tool

OST Recovery tool helps you to recover oversized OST data and converts it to the PST file. Along with this it provides an option of dividing the resultant PST file using the PST Split option. Here you can provide the size limit after which you want to split the converted PST file. In this way you can split heavy OST file data and avoid any further corruption issues.

Earlier versions of MS Outlook (2000 and below) had a file size limit of 2 GB set on the OST file which gave rise to 2gb OST file problem. But our software is foremost solution to restore oversized OST data as PST file for better management of data and complete oversized OST recovery.